Bacıyan came together in summer of 2017 in the Sema gathering held for 114 days & nights in Gökçedere, Yalova. First, they started to play for Sema, and then they felt the invitation to continue on this path. As they live in different countries, throughout this time, they tried to create conditions to come together. As Bacıyan, they would like to continue in service of unity and love and spread it through music among each other and all.

The music is rooted in the mystical traditions of the world. Although they play mainly Turkish Sufi and traditional musics, their music is enriched with the contributions of diverse traditions, such as the Hebrew mystical songs and Persian poetry and traditional music. Coming from various backgrounds, this diversity is reflected in the improvisations and music.

Most importantly, they feel strong connections with the spiritual paths followed by the women all over the world throughout the centuries, foremost with the ancient tradition of Baciyan-ı Rum in Anatolia. They wish to keep on this special connection and continue to produce with the inspirations sourced in these traditions. Their common language and worship is music… May our service for the universe, our existence, and unity continue and may it bring healing, blessings, and beauty

Aslı Büyükköksal: Violin, Vocal

Hande Başaran: Rebab, Cura, Vocal

Melike Doğan: Bendir, Erbane, Vocal

Seda Seyrek: Kopuz, Vocal

Yarden Cohen: Ud, Vocal

Zainab Lax: Tar, çeng, Vocal

Ezgi Kozmik: Bendir, Vocal