musictherapy project in the refugee camps of lesbos/greece

In February 2018 I went with a team of music therapists to the greek Island Lesbos to start a musictherapy project in the refugee camps there.

The Organizations name is Connect by music and there was offered music activities for Children, unaccompanied minors, young adults and Womengroups. We were active in two different camps. The project is still running and at the moment there are still two of my colleagues active.

community MUSIC project for refugees IN Dortmund/germany

Since March 2018 there is a weekly music activity in the NGO called Train of Hope e.V. Dortmund. Its an organisation on a voluntary basis that was founded in 2015 when a lot of Trains arrived in Dortmund with syrian refugees.

It is only funded by donations. A lot of Volunteers are also refugees.

Our project is called Music of Hope and there is the possibility to learn an instrument or join the Band of that is performing regularly.


Since autumn 2017 we have a music activity on a regular basis at the refugee camp in Bielefeld/Germany.

The idea is to bring together locals and refugees through a music activity.

As a non-verbal way of communication music is a medium that opens a lot of possibilities to get into contact, get to know each others cultural background and reduce prejudice.

The activity takes place in the communal room of the refugee camp and is supported by Kultur3Eck Bi-Ost



This project was a cooperation between  Concordia, students from ArtEZ conservatory and Connecting Hands, a group of volunteers from the University of Twente that is in charge of events focused on helping asylum seekers.


The aim of the event was to connect people and different cultures by using music as a non-verbal medium of communication. Playing music together can stimulate integration and decrease prejudices.Together with conservatory students Anna Lesterhuis, Ronja Kapitza and Lore Smits we played different genres of music.

At the end everyone had the chance to participate by singing, dancing or playing an instrument on stage.



This was an initiative by the stichting vrolijkheid which is a multicultural, not-for-profit network of artists, play writers, actors, musicians and volunteers who invest their passion in children and teenagers that stay in asylum-seekers centers. It is an independent organization supported by individuals and private funding.


Our Goal with the young people from the asylum-seekers centre in Almelo was to activate them and to support interacting. Through music-making we aime to get them out of isolation and give them a opportunity to enjoy.


It is a regular activity on a weekly basis, accessable for young people between 12 and 18 years old but alos for volunteers and people that work at the centre. The music-activity is something where participants get the cance to connect to each other, to people outside the centre and to relax and leave all worries behind them for some moments.

It asks a lot of flexibility, creativity and also ways to handle conflicts.

Between September and December 2016 I did an Internship at Learn for Life Project in the context of a community-based music therapy project. The Learn for Life Project is a certified non-profit society, who runs the Badi Asha (Big Hope) school and women empowerment project in Varanasi. In a city and a country, where caste and religious affiliation still are too often the starting points of violent pogroms (mostly against the Muslim minority), the members of the project are happy and proud to be able to provide teachers and children from all castes and religions.

I was working individually with those kids who have learning difficulties as well as in group sessions with the classes.

During my 4 month stay I offered music as empowerment and to show them how to use music as a resource in life. I used music to develop social skills, personal strengths and identity. The idea behind the project was to offer music to the kids as a medium and an opportunity to gain control and power in life. By making music together one can get to know him/herself better and form his/ her identity which can help the development of communities and values.

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