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Foto: Duncan de Fey

 My name is Zainab Lax and I am born and raised in Germany.

I am multi-instrumentalist and musictherapist and my main Instrument is Harp. I have a western classical background but I have later on also been focussing on several eastern instruments like the Indian Sarod and the Iranian Tar.

I have roots in Germany Turkey, India Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, which made me a flexible person with cultural sensitivity and the ability to easily adapt to other cultures.

Music has always helped me in search of my identity and I want to share it with those having experienced rootlessness.

In 2017 I graduated as a music therapist at ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede/ Netherlands.

During that study I have gained more knowledge about several music

therapy methods. Currently I am doing my master at the Center for world music in Hildesheim/Germany.


1999-today Harp (Christiana Rathmer, Gudrun Hendrikman)

1999-2011 Recorder

2006-today Guitar

2011-today Indian Sarod (Anshuman Maharaj, Daud Khan Sadozai)

2014-today Iranian Tar (Jan Pieter van der Giessen)

2013-today Vocal 

2012-today Piano

2013-2014 Percussion/Drums



Volunteering as a music teacher at Abhaya waldorf school

Hyderabad (India)



Learning Turkish music and movement therapy tradition with

Dr. Rahmani Oruc Güvenc at Tümata in Berlin and Turkey


Music therapy internship at psychiatric hospital LWL-Klinik

For people with depression, schizophrenia, social phobia and addiction Münster (Germany)


Music therapy at Schutte´s Bosschool for children with special needs Enschede (Netherlands)


Music Therapy Advanced Internship at ProPersona psychiatric hospital for people with schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, traumatized refugees, addiction, forensic and mentally handicapped (Mentor:Jack Verburgt and Jaap Orth) Wolfheze (Netherlands)


Own Project at Learn for Life School

Music as empowerment for underprivileged children

Varanasi (India)


Music activity at Asylum seekers center

Stichting Vrolijkheid

in Almelo (Netherlands)


Bachelor in Music therapy at ArtEZ conservatory

Enschede (NL)


Transcultural Community-Music project with Refugees

Kultur3Eck-Bi Ost

Bielefeld (Germany)


Master Student at Center for World Music

Hildesheim (Germany)


Starting musictherapy Project with Connect by music

Lesbos (Greece)


Community-Music Project "music of Hope" at Train of hope e.V. Dortmund (Germany)

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