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the transcultural setting


Is a social structure inside an organization or society, where different cultures exist next to each other without fusing or merging. Each of them is homogenous.

The risk of this concept is the separation and ghettoization of those.


Interculturality is the meeting of two or more cultures and the approach of finding a way of interaction.

Here, the risk is that one can´t reach the root of the Problem because of intercultural communication problems.


is the present form of our society. Cultures are not seen as homogeneous. One big reason of this is globalization and migration. The concept of classical cultural boundaries is transcending, and merging is one of the main characteristics of culture.

what is community-based music therapy?

Community Music Therapy is a combination of music Therapy and Community music. That means that the social and cultural factors of the clients health, illness, relationships and musics are acknowledged but also that it includes workplace, community, society, culture or the physical environment of the client. It aims on creating a community awareness and can create social belonging or integration.

It also reflects the essentially communal reality of musicing and is a response both to overly individualized treatment models and to the isolation people often experience within society.

To include the surroundings of the client, performance is often being used in Community Music Therapy.

For the music therapy that would imply to prepare the sessions being for example Participatory, Resource-oriented, Ecological, Performative, Reflective and Ethics-driven.

The difference to a normal musictherapy setting is, that for example locals are also included in for example a performance or a joint music-jam.

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