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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Between September and December 2016 I did an Internship at Learn for Life Project in the context of a community-based music therapy project. The Learn for Life Project is a certified non-profit society, who runs the Badi Asha (Big Hope) schoolandwomen empowerment projectin Varanasi. In a city and a country, where caste and religious affiliation still are too often the starting points of violent pogroms (mostly against the Muslim minority), the members of the project are happy and proud to be able to provide teachers and children from all castes and religions.

I was working individually with those kids who have learning difficulties as well as in group sessions with the classes.

During my 4 month stay I offered music as empowerment and to show them how to use music as a resource in life. I used music to develop social skills, personal strengths and identity. The idea behind the project was to offer music to the kids as a medium and an opportunity to gain control and power in life. By making music together one can get to know him/herself better and form his/ her identity which can help the development of communities and values.

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